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Here at Dr Paul’s we are dedicated to offering the best form of rehabilitative treatment for those with drug and alcohol addiction problems. We are among the many facilities across the US offering our services and extending our hands to those who got strayed along the way. The path to sobriety is a tough path to take but with our help and out facilities, we can help individuals and families to recover and discover their way back to a normal and more fulfilled life. We would like to extend our services if you make that decision to start living a more pleasant and well-adjusted life. We are here to help.

What we desire to offer

We desire to create change on every individual that we meet. Each individual has a unique story to tell, worries, doubts and aches. However, with them taking that first step to sobriety by means of acceptance, we desire to put all our minds together and our facilities open to help you out on the path to a sober life. We use an integrative approach when it comes to rehabilitation. We value the human body and we make sure that it is properly nourished and relieved from the horrors of drugs and alcohol. We value the human mind. We offer psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment and counseling. We value the human spirit. We offer faith-based recovery; a very peaceful and calming environment and the people here at Dr Paul are there to support each other.

Success rate

We are proud to have a high level of success from all the patients who have come around and back home after the treatment. They discover a whole new level of appreciation about life. We aim to give hope to these patients, offer them something concrete by sharing life skills, helping them uncover hidden talents and recognize their own personal purpose to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

A community

Here at Dr Paul’s we also aim to build a community. The people who come here all experience different things in life but they all desire the same thing and it is through healing. We make sure that the experience at Palm Springs is carried over to their own communities where they will spend the rest of their lives. We help them uncover a new and more proactive way of thinking and the family is also given guidance.