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Outpatient treatment

Not everybody can afford to undergo inpatient rehab. It takes a lot of  financial commitment to pursue. Aside from that, some people find being away from the family is much harder. Dr Paul offers an outpatient rehab that can help a person undergo a targeted and secure care while being able to go home to the family they love. The family serves or should serve as the moral support and inspiration of a recovering addict but if the family itself is the precursor for such actions, family counseling or residential treatment might be a better option. The recovering addict goes home to a sober family, trying to cope with the changes slowly but surely with the help of outpatient rehab.

The procedures at the outpatient rehab are similar with a residential rehab. You just get the chance to go home. The family should be supportive, guide the person while keeping them comfortable, and secure inside the home. It is necessary for a person to be motivated in this setup. The person can continue on their careers and take part of family activities while undergoing detoxification, counseling and after care. If there is a need for family therapy, the patient can do so. There is a great deal of control and restraint needed to be exerted at the first few runs of the program.

Since the patient is still integrated to the outside environment, it is possible that he or she can have commitment issues to the program. Withdrawal issues are quite difficult to address, it is highly suggested that individuals who have destructive home environments, relapse history, and violence issues go to residential rehab for the duration of the treatment. For those who have more self-control, restraint and dedication to the program and are surrounded by a loving family and neighborhood, then the outpatient rehab can be a great option since it can speed up the process and help the person achieve long-term sobriety.

We offer flexible and custom treatment programs here at Dr Paul and we create a solid program that clients can follow while not obstructing their regular life. The program can last for 3 months but for other cases, one year of outpatient rehab is necessary. Nonetheless, the results are satisfying and it helps the person become more secure about them and not rely on drugs or alcohol for any reason, to live a goal-oriented life and to live a life that is happier and more productive.