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We, at Dr Paul’s, are dedicated to offer the highest quality rehabilitative service and counseling to individuals who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Our team consists of licensed medical professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and addiction medicine professionals and staff members. Each offer a unique kind of service and guidance tailored to the needs of patients.

Psychologists are professionals in the field of psychology and are able to offer psychotherapy and counseling to the clients. Psychiatrists offer psychotherapy to patients as well but since they are medical professionals who also have a medical background, they can prescribe medicine to combat the urge for banned substances or alcohol. Clinical doctors are those who can offer general medical services to clients and with the addiction medicine professional create targeted treatments and detoxification for the patients. The doctors can also program a meal plan or have a separate nutritionist handle that aspect. Our staff here at Dr Paul’s is very capable and professional. You can count on them if you have anything you need to make your stay a more enjoyable and pleasant experience.

It is necessary for us that our team is made up of the best possible therapists and medical experts. We make sure that they have notable credentials, years of experience, fantastic success rates, experienced in cases of drug and alcohol abuse and most importantly, the passion to offer quality services. From day one up to the last day of the program, our team and staff will be dedicated to providing the best possible service for our clients. We make sure that our mission is their mission at heart so you can depend on us if you wish to get started with healing.

Dr Paul’s makes sure that our staff follows proper decorum and make sure that you feel comfortable, very much like a true home away from home. We know that recovering from substance abuse is very difficult and that is why we only have the best teams and the right staff. From admission coordinators to the doctors, we can certainly assure you that moving forward to a sober and happier life will be more pleasant and secure. We are here to help you out along the way. Dr Paul’s will serve as your family and guide as you take this journey and rebuild your life.