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Building the foundations to a sober life

Our mission at Dr Paul’s is to help the person acquire the foundations within themselves for a sober life. The life at the rehab center is a life, if you may say that is quite ideal. For that short span of time, you will engage in self-discovery, cleansing of the body and mind, nurturing the spirit and preparing you for the real deal. We offer all the foundations that you need. We can guide you to the path for long-term sobriety. At the end the day, you make that decision. However, we know that with your experiences here at the center, you will make a good decision.

Holistic healing

When it comes to healing, it is not enough that the body is cleansed off  with any substance present on the body. It is necessary to also realign your expectations, to clear away confusions and to discover a path that can lead to a more fulfilled life. Dr Paul’s will offer integrative programs. We offer medical attention, good nutrition and exercise. We also offer psychotherapy and counseling. We also offer faith based recovery to ensure that you regain newfound faith on a higher being or maybe with your own self and skills. What we want is a body-soul and spirit healing.

Long term healing

Part of our mission is to prepare the individual in real life. Sometimes, it is difficult to adjust from an ideal environment to real life where you get to interact with a lot of people. We offer after care programs so that you can keep in check after leaving the facility, be given new life skills, uncover new talent and hobbies, discover new things in life and uncover a whole side of yourself that has become lost along the way due to substance abuse. We want to make sure that you will be able to resist temptations and experience a life that is more fulfilled than before.

A happy and fulfilled life

Money does not make someone feel fulfilled about life. Fulfillment is an experience that is much deeper. You feel fulfilled everyday experiencing new things, discovering new passions and learning. It helps you to become content and gives you peace. Happiness is something that is different from all of us but for those who succeeded in battling substance abuse, happiness is bound to happen. That is our ultimate goal that we wish to serve our patients.