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Your haven

Palm Springs California is a popular destination becasue of its warm sunny climate and a lot of golf courses and fantastic getaways. This is where Dr Paul’s resides.  You will discover that everything that you need and desire is all here. It is a perfect balance. It is close to the busy city life but it is distant enough to offer comfort, relaxation, peace and comfort. It only takes 2 hours from Los Angeles so families nearby can visit their loved ones every now and then.  It is a perfect venue since it is relaxing and you will not feel totally secluded but you will feel a sense of peace and comfort. You can even take day trips and do some meditation, yoga and other peaceful activities here with no stress.

A peaceful environment

Our facility exudes a very private community with a nice pool, calm and rejuvinating surroundings, spacious interiors, fully furnished rooms and a very warm and inviting atmosphere. This was originally a luxurious hotel but was transformed to a place of healing and relaxation. With the view of Mt San Jacinto, you will enjoy looking at your window and enjoying the sunrise. It is a place where you can feel that nature is much closer to you more than ever. We have a very nice communal environment and this helps in creating a more proactive space that develops strong community experience and ensures amazing results along the way.

Health and wellness

We have a nice swimming pool where you can enjoy some nice morning swims or to do some low impact exercises. You can also enjoy the great amenities that we have. We offer a great selection of books. We also offer gourmet meals. Our living spaces are fully furnished so you will enjoy the experience as if you are in a fancy hotel. You deserve healing that is most inspiring and comfortable and that is why we offer such fantastic amenities that are truly amazing. You will surely enjoy the great experience of staying in our Palm Springs venue.

Our facilities are designed to optimize your experience and to inspire youof the great joys of life, to appreciate what you almost gave up before and to start building up your life. We make sure that our facilities are well kept and maintained so that you will not have any problems or distractions while participating in the program.