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The biggest challenge for someone with an addiction problem whether it be drugs, alcohol, food or sex is to realize that he or she has a problem. Accepting that there is a problem is the first step to Intervention and at Dr Paul, we make sure that the intervention is effectively planned out for the most effective result and will benefit both the person with addiction and the family. This is not just about the person with addiction that is helped in the process. Friends and family members also learn how to address such issues, create a more positive, loving and healthy approach to helping the person be introduced to a rigorous rehabilitative program.

Intervention is quite a controversial topic in the past few years since it was seen as obtrusive. Here at Dr Paul’s intervention is done with the consensus of the patient. Healing comes with acceptance and it is necessary for
the patient to be psychologically ready for the experience. We offer a secure and healthy environment for the patients. We have expert therapists and a strong support group. Intervention that is blatant and obtrusive is not the best method of giving that person a strong reason to change.

Interventions are very tricky to do and that is why we have expert interventionists that can help families plan out, rehearse and discuss the best situation, condition and timing to do the intervention. An expert is needed to moderate the proceedings, to keep everybody in check and to make sure that the procedure leads to promising results. Sometimes, it takes an intervention to help the person realize that his addictions are coming in between their relationships and it is also becoming detrimental to their health in the end.

When you seek help with us, we will analyze the situation, understand your needs, and come up with an effective way to help the individual accept the realities and get help. We can help with either family or workplace interventions. The expert interventionist will explain the real score behind the addiction and that the family and friends all mean well when they desire you to undergo treatment. Addiction is not a mere question of control. It is a disease that puts much strain to the body. With our help, your loved one can be one-step closer to a sober life and take advantage of the treatments that will help him become healthier and secure.