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The inpatient rehab treatment offered by Dr Paul is the most comprehensive in the industry today. It is an effective way for the client to have a secure, dedicated and faster recovery from drug abuse and to strengthen their spirit, body and mind, ready to integrate them to the world afterward. We offer a customized and highly intuitive treatment that addresses the various aspects of the individual. We focus on holistic medical, psychological and spiritual rehabilitation to ensure that the individual has all the tools and skills he needs to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Our inpatient rehab facility addresses the physical state of the patient by analyzing the current state of the patient, undergoing tests and assessments, detoxification and recovery using good nutrition, exercise and alleviation of withdrawal symptoms. We also help the family by having them undergo therapy and patching up the ties that were once broken due to substance abuse. The client will also undergo psychological treatment whenever needed Moral and spiritual healing is offered to help the person develop a renewed faith, a stronger self-concept and renewed goals.

We offer individual and family therapy sessions, a luxurious and relaxing environment, and professional care services among many others. We have a team of doctors, psychologists, therapists, dietitians and professional staffs who will make you feel comfortable as you journey on a life thatis sober and more enjoyable. The environment at Dr Paul is extremely loving and caring. It is as if you have an extended family with the people around you. They will help you in moving forward and will guide you to a healthier life. We make sure that you feel secure and that there is real result in the treatment.

Our clients from the inpatient rehab experience a more fulfilled life now. They live with confidence, security and more direction. On top of that, they live much better lifestyles than before. Starting over again after an episode of drug addiction or alcohol dependence was made easier because they develop not only a clear body but also a healthier outlook  in life. Addiction is a major problem and if is necessary for these people to get help. There is always life at the end of the tunnel and Dr Paul can guide you to discovering that light and reach the other end, giving you new hope, regained vitality and a fantastic life ahead of you and your family.