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When it comes to addiction recovery, the most natural outcome is the desire to uplift the spirituality and develop a closer relationship with a higher being. Faith is a powerful aspect of the human existence. That, alone, separates man from all other organisms in the world. Dr Paul’s Faith-based recovery is a form of rehabilitation. This program complements effectively with other treatment programs Dr Paul offers to his patients. Through the incorporation of the “faith factor” with clinical methods, our addiction treatment programs become more holistic. We help the patient get a stronger and more stable state of mind knowing that their faith has been replenished and reinforced.

The Christian based 12-Step program focuses on developing a relationship with a higher being that is based on grace and love, breaking down all the past misconceptions about God. Faith-based recovery is not a structured program. We capitalize in social relationships and personal development to develop a stronger personal relationship with others as well as increasing understanding of God.

Belief and faith in a higher being is the basis for the 12 step program. Dr. Paul helps his patients in creating a personal and deeper relationship with God. We also put emphasis on the aspects of forgiveness, finding happiness and helping the individual find a structured path to sobriety.Addiction abuse treatments still leave some emotional and spiritual scars. The Faith Program of Dr Paul is carefully configured to the needs of the patient seeking spiritual healing. Our program is handled by professional staff of Christian men and women and accredited pastors to guide you to a more enlightened path.

The environment where we offer the faith based recovery is a loving, supportive environment and is committed the whole time to helping our patients achieve spiritual enlightenment and appreciate life.

After Dr. Paul’s faith based program for recovery, the patient uncovers a renewed confidence with oneself, trust in others and a deeper relationship with God.

  • A restored faith gives the patients a renewed understanding of their life, and the direction they want to take their lives in.
  • The patients create renewed relationships with the people who they might have abandoned before and they slowly integrate themselves to the community with new hope.
  • The patients create new purpose in their lives by setting goals, make use of their talents, find happiness in what they do and learn to appreciate those little joys in life.