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Sometimes, drugs are not the precursor to the addiction. In some cases, emotional and mental conditions lead one to use drugs that can help them address psychiatric issues. However, a person who uses drugs too often can haveĀ  dependence to drugs and results to addiction. The problem is that they are ultimately victimized since the drugs that they think are helping them are inevitably causing them more problems. Someone with manifestations for mental or psychiatric issues like depression or antisocial personality disorder and with concurrent substance abuse issues like alcohol or cocaine can benefit from the dual diagnosis treatment.

We offer a highly structured and custom program that addresses the issues of the individual. The process starts with a detoxification program with a medical doctor together with psychological help and moral support for withdrawal. The person then undergoes an extensive treatment for particular mental or psychiatric disorder from depression, posttraumatic issues, bipolar disorder and other issues. It is necessary that dual diagnosis is done. Persons with clinical depression will have bigger risks of venturing to a substance related addiction. Someone with substance addiction can develop mental or psychiatric disorders and it can lead to the deterioration of the body.

Dual diagnosis treatments offered at Dr Paul are addressed with extreme care especially for particular drugs like benzodiazepines, which are anti-psychotic drugs sudden cessation of the drugs can lead to fatal withdrawal symptoms. It is necessary that a person undergoes treatment for both issues at the same time. One aspect can lead to the other. A combination of medical and psychological treatments as well as guidance and moral support is done to ensure that the patient enjoys a more secure and healthier life. This comprehensive system is done with extreme care and precision to ensure good results.

Our clients have experienced a much more enjoyable life after the dual diagnosis treatment. It takes good management of mental conditions and a healthy lifestyle to develop a more holistic and healthy approach to health issues. If you have a family member, a friend or co-worker in this kind of situation, it would be best to guide them and help them out. It is hard for them to understand that unless they do not get the intervention they need before dual diagnosis. After the treatment, the patient will experience a much happier and healthier life with their psychological troubles more managed without relying on drugs.