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Drugs are undeniably the most blatant of addiction problems. Drugs come in many forms and for those who think it is just heroin or cocaine; it is a much bigger issue. From sleeping pills, barbiturates and many more drugs, drugs are sometimes are available on your local pharmacy. Drug dependence is a problem that can cause severe health effects to the body. Most importantly, drugs can destroy relationships between friends, families and the community. We have seen people living in fear in towns and cities run down by drug cartels. However there is always hope. At  Dr Paul’s, we make sure that you are in a secure and drug free environment, a change that can be overwhelming at first but as you progress, you start to focus on things that you have overlooked due to drug abuse.

We offer a holistic and customized drug rehab program. First, we analyze the condition of the patient. Sometimes, our patients have severe side effects that they need extensive detoxification to effectively and safely remove the traces of drugs in the body. Detoxification is a necessary process since there are most drugs that travel deeper than the blood vessels. They seep through the central nervous system, tricking the body that it needs more drugs. Addiction is not a mere aspect of will power. A real disease can be detrimental to the person in the end.

Aside from cleansing the body off the drugs, we also address another aspect and that is the withdrawal syndrome. Since the drugs affect the pleasure center of the brain, the lack of drugs can trigger a desire to take more drugs. With the carefully planned system of detoxification at Dr Paul’s, the experts find the best way to help the patient ease up on this sometimes depressing and painful situation. We put importance to minimizing the effects of withdrawal and we make sure that you have moral support, guidance and other forms of help.  We also include psychological guidance especially for those individuals who have lost their jobs and lost their social lives due to drug abuse.

We have a nurturing environment in our facility and we have a strong support group system. As you live a life of sobriety, we incorporate life and social skills in the treatment. You can mingle with other patients, develop a stronger self-concept and create goals as you reach the pinnacle of the program, the reintegration to the outside world. With the skills and guidance that you get from Dr Paul, we make sure that the drug rehab program will be a success and that you and your family can start a new life, regain new confidence about the future and catch up with life with confidence and renewed faith.