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Drugabuse treatments come in various forms but detox treatment is the most widely used method. In this method, the drugs are flushed out of the system, from the blood stream to the organs to remove the side effects. It is necessary to have medical experts perform the detox to effectively address withdrawal and find to safely eliminate the drugs without adverse effects. There are certain drugs like prescription anti psychotic drugs that need slowly and well paced detoxification. At Dr Paul’s we have a professional facility run by certified medical experts that will analyze thecondition of each patient before moving forward to detoxification.

Dual diagnosis

We also recognize that drugs may not be the root cause of the persons. Sometimes, those with mental conditions like depression or other psychoses will be more prone to develop addiction to prescription drugs since they rely on the drugs too much. We offer dual diagnosis for such situations. The detox treatment goes hand in hand with psychological care and this helps the individual to recover their physical health and develop a healthier way of managing their condition. After this drug abuse treatment, our patients have become much happier and more confident about managing their conditions than they ever were in the past.

Mind and spirit

People lose themselves as a result of drug addiction. Their families leave them, friends, avoid them and the bad influences or the stigma from the community does not help either. The loving, caring and peaceful environment at Dr Paul’s Palm Springs can help the person in becoming more at peace with one’s self. To help them out, there are also holistic treatments and sessions like faith based recovery that can help clients build a stronger relationship with a higher being. On top of that, they can develop friends from other clients, develop a support group and gain a new life.

After care

It takes some time before the individual gets really comfortable with living a sober life and of course, with the stigma from the past, it is necessary to slowly but surely guide them. Using our after care programs, we help individuals in developing skills, uncover talents, find hobbies, seek a support group and find ways to channel their energies. Most importantly, it will help them integrate with the outside environment more confidently. Dr Paul offers the most intuitive and holistic tools to help you live a sober life. Contact us for more details about the drug abuse treatment.