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Drug abuse recovery is an aspect that is unique in rehabilitation facilities like Dr Paul’s Palm Springs. Normally, people do not recognize the need for after care and holistic treatment. Ridding the body off the drugs is not the first and last phase of the treatment, sometimes, without a strong recovery plan, the person relapses faster compared to others who manage to take advantage of such programs. Here at Dr Paul, we recognize the need for a holistic healing since it is not just the body that get damaged when someone take drugs.

The human self is a complex layer of mind body and spirit. Each aspect can affect each other. At Dr Paul’s we offer various programs that individuals can use to bring a balance between all these aspects. We offer counseling, psychological help, guidance, support groups, and faith based recovery. This helps the person discover a more positive outlook in life. Most importantly, it also helps the person to be more forgiving of them, and to find new purpose and reason to start over. These aspects are hard to handle when the patient goes outside if not properly equipped well.

Preparation for sober life

In our program, the individual is analyzed regarding their dedication stick to sober life and never stray away no matter what adversities may happen. A sober and clean life could be a struggle for someone who just got out of rehab. By having a strong and understanding support group with them, the patient can easily avoid the temptations and refocus their priorities to more productive things. By doing so, the individual learns slowly and surely how to say no to temptations and avoiding affiliation with bad influences.

Being in a sober life

Independence is a good thing, but the challenges and the problems that are included could affect a patient. However, it is all about the patient’s choice. We make sure that our patients are equipped with new life skills that can help them in living a more secure life. We also offer after care programs to keep the patients in check every now and then. A sober life is a clean and productive life. There should be a balance that should be met at all times so as not to aggravate the individual to doing drugs again. By conditioning the mind that there is a better option all the time, the individual is more adaptive and well adjusted to the real world condition. That is what we aim to do at Dr. Paul’s