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Any form of substance abuse, be it from drugs or alcohol, can be detrimental to the body. It results to problems with the bodily functions; cause multiple organ anomalies and other kinds of problems. Addiction to substances is not something that mere will power can handle. Addiction is a disease. The substances flow and affect the pleasure center of the brain, tricking it to desire more drugs or more alcohol. Here at Dr Paul, we recognize that the problem of addiction can be combated with the help of targeted treatments. The detox program is an important first step towards a sober life.

The detox program at Dr Paul is done by an experienced medical team that will help the individual undergo the process with security and safety. We know that patients fear withdrawal. Withdrawal is an effect when the pleasure centers of the brain searches for more drugs or alcohol. Alcohol detox will take a different route from drug detox. Alcohol detox needs to be done in a well-paced format. It is because rapid detoxification can cause the body to drastically being affected resulting to undesirable consequences. The same goes with certain drugs.

We implement a process that minimizes the effects of withdrawal while ensuring that the body responds well to the detox program. Together with the detox, nutrition and physical rehabilitation is also done. In addition, for those who need moral support and guidance, psychological and moral support is offered. A well-paced detox program is not just safer but it also becomes a pivotal turning point in the rehabilitation of the patient. It gives them a stronger and more enduring message about the pitfalls of alcohol and drug addiction and it enriches their appreciation of a sober life, free from the substances.

Dr Paul ensures that the detox program implemented to each patient is carefully planned and implemented. As much as we all want fast results, it is necessary to understand that there are no short cuts in recovery, only right decisions. Having clinical detox programs at Dr Paul is the first step to securing a long-term sobriety. It is not enough that you have will power. With the help of the detox program, the patient can recover faster, relieve himself or she of chronic pain, eliminate the cravings for drugs and start a life that is more secure and worry free. You will also notice that your dependence of medication will lessen as time goes by and in the end, live a regular life once more.