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is a serious problem that could affect your health, job, relationships and the overall direction of your life. Alcohol can be quite a difficult form of addiction to recover. Sometimes patients find it difficult to be accepting of facts that they need help. However, it is essential that they are given immediate attention as soon as possible. At Dr Paul’s the patients undergo a rigorous alcohol rehab program to ensure that the patient can recover back to a healthier lifestyle. We offer a high quality facility and professional team that can help your loved one, or yourself feel comfortable about the process of living a sober life once more.

The most difficult aspect of starting up is denial. Dr Paul uses both clinically proven and holistic methods to ensure that while the alcohol in your body is being flushed out of your system and your body processes are replenished, you also receive emotional guidance and moral support. We make sure that on your very first week, you feel loved, cared for and given the best possible service.

Dr Paul uses a variety of approaches in the alcohol rehab program first;  the patient undergoes a rigorous analysis of the body. Tests are done to see if the alcohol addiction has already affected most of the bodily processes of the person. It is critical to put attention to the health of the individual. Dr Paul will put together a team depending on your needs. Alcohol detox therapy is necessary if there are any traces and doses of alcohol or its residues that are present in the body. Nutrition and diet is also checked to start the natural rehabilitative process of the body. The person also is introduced to physical activities to regain physicality.

The alcohol rehab program will put importance as well to helping the individual in living  a more sober life by means of counseling, psychological therapy and  life coaching. We conduct this is a very quiet, serene and loving environment, perfect for someone who wants to start over again. Dr Paul makes sure that the treatment is targeted to the specific needs of the individual. Each individual will have different needs and cookie cutter programs do not work. We put emphasis to really giving more attention to quality and real results. As you move forward to a life of sobriety, we, at Dr Paul’s will ensure that you have the tools that you need to live a more secure life without the dependence on alcohol. A life that is more worthwhile and optimistic for your family and yourself.