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A little shot here and there may seem like a harmless thing. Alcohol and similar beverages are meant to be enjoyed with people, appreciated by its taste, experienced sparingly as a treat to the body. However, there are others who end up becoming dependent on alcohol. Alcohol abuse is a big addiction issue in the US. However, some never seem to accept the fact that they are addicted to alcohol and say that they can stop anytime they want. However, alcohol abuse is not a matter of self-control anymore. A person addicted to it requires medical attention to address the condition effectively. Here at Dr. Paul’s we have the tools to help your recover from alcohol abuse.

There are many triggers that could lead to alcohol abuse. One is depression and other conditions that affect the individual. Next is peer pressure. Drinking alcohol for the aim of pleasing others can start off innocently but it can actually lead to an addiction problem. The next one would be personal turmoil. Divorce, death of a loved one, loss of job and motivation in life can be a trigger. These are just some of the many triggers that we strive to analyze and address here at Dr Paul’s. It is necessary to understand the conditions that lead to alcoholism.

Alcohol abuse can be detrimental to the body especially the liver, and other internal organs. It can also cloud your mind, affect your physical activities and it could also affect your relationship with family, friends, and the community. However, some patients also have multiple addictions. Sometimes, they use drugs and alcohol, which, at certain  levels can lead to a fatal end. We at Dr. Paul’s recognize the gravity of the effects of alcohol and how it can be detrimental to the body, mind and relationships between people. We implement a holistic method to ensure effective recovery from alcohol abuse.

We understand the need of an individual to recover and to find a way to address this illness. Dr Paul offers an environment that is understanding and caring and we can help you in recovering to society, sober and happier. Alcohol abuse comes in a number of levels from full blow addiction, to acts like binge drinking. It is necessary that the patient undergoes intervention and treatment. We open our facilities to those who wish to live a sober life and a healthier life. What we offer is not just treatment; it is new hope and a more enjoyable life experience.