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If you have become dependent on alcohol for no apparent reason, you already have alcohol abuse or addiction. This is a psychiatric disorder that affects the person physically and mentally. Others think that merely stopping from drinking can solve their alcohol abuse issues but we strongly discourage this. If a person has been dependent on alcohol for a long time, abrupt cessation from the drugs can lead to increased health risks due to withdrawal. We offer a safe and secure detox program Dr Paul’s that includes safe removal of alcohol contents on the body, replenishing of the lost nutrition and at the same time, addressing the adverse effects of alcohol to the body like liver problems and heart problems.


Since alcohol abuse treatment is recognized as a psychological aspect, psychotherapy is implemented by expert psychiatrists who will help the individual understand the nature of their alcohol abuse.  It is necessary to understand how these aspects interplay and affect the individual especially the youth. A massive number of young individuals experience alcohol abuse due to peer pressures and other factors. The therapy sessions are done in a very comfortable environment to make the patient feel more at ease and so that they can focus more on really opening up and feeling relaxed and comfortable doing it.


Sometimes, it helps to meet other alcoholics who are undergoing the same process. It makes the patient more secure that he is not alone in this process. The environment here at Dr Paul’s is very pleasant and really helps in developing a strong support group to speed up recovery and learn more things. One on one counseling or group counseling can help the patient in developing his own self-concept and regaining confidence about life. It can also help in better managing any mental conditions without going for drugs or alcohol.

After care

Once the person is ready to move forward to real life situations, we make sure that they are equipped with life skills and new ways of expressing themselves. After alcoholism, an individual might have a hard start so we take the extra mile and teach lire skills and all of these are offered at the after care. We help them discover new hobbies, find new ways of expressing themselves and also get on check with their goal and that is to live a sober and happier life. This is necessary to ensure that the individual can effectively and easily move back to working and living with other people.