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Alcoholics and those diagnosed with alcohol abuse needs to understand that alcohol abuse is a fatal disorder. Dependence on alcohol damages critical organs of the body like the liver that could affect the production of
hormones and cause critical complications to the body. In addition, alcohol abuse can lead to increased aggression. It can affect relationships and make you a nuisance to society. Alcohol abuse has claimed the lives of a lot of people. We, at Dr Paul’s are dedicated to offerings Alcohol abuse recovery programs. These programs are designed to make sure that the patients recover fast and secure.

The role of Dr Paul

Here at our facility at Palm Springs, we put together a program that is designed to offer quality treatments from detox, psychotherapy to other programs designed to help the individual clear his body from the alcohol and address withdrawal syndromes, address psychological problems that could have caused the disorder. We also offer spiritual healing and other holistic methods that can inspire the individual to discover a motivation to keep moving forward and live a sober life.  Our treatment facility will provide a loving, caring and understanding environment and help you from start to finish.

The role of patients

When it comes to Alcohol abuse recovery, it is necessary to understand that the patients also need to be dedicated to the program. It is important that the patients are determined to stop drinking, to be cured from the disease and to start living a sober life again. Those in outpatient programs are more prone to this kind of problem since they are exposed to temptations and if they do not have the motivation to change, then they might relapse with even bigger problems. It is necessary that throughout the program, the patient has an open mind and heart about transitioning to sobriety.

After the treatment

Alcohol abuse recovery is an ongoing program that becomes easier as you progress through life. The fact is the person can still have some urges to drink alcohol but with the right motivation and the after care services we offer at Dr Paul, patients can easily fight off urges to drink. Our aftercare program helps the patients find ways to discover new loves find new things and appreciate things in life that are worth the time. Talk to us and we can help you figure out the best program that is suitable for alcohol abuse.