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Rehabilitation facilities are popular for their amazing environment, very much similar to a paradise, with private apartment’s gourmet meals, and a more secure environment. However, we also recognize that most patients do not have the money to support such an inpatient program. Here at Dr Paul’s we recognize the needs of those looking for affordable drug rehab. Our outpatient program can be very helpful for those who seek treatment thatis less expensive but still incorporates the necessary elements of drug rehab, from detox, counseling to after care.

Such affordable drug rehab programs can be quite tricky for some patients. This is because the individual is exposed in the outside environment where they can easily go back to their old deeds. There are considerations that need to be addressed before making sure that you are qualified for such a program. If you belong to a supportive family and neighborhood and if you have no history of violent behavior caused by drugs, you can be qualified for such a program. If the conditions are adverse, an inpatient program might be the right option. We can help you, depending on your insurance the right facility that can help you out to have a more effective rehabilitative experience.

In our drug rehab program, we make sure that you get the proper help, treatment and guidance that you need to recover from drug addiction. We have a team of medical experts and staff who will do tests and prepare you for the detox program. Our staff will also help you in recovering from withdrawal. If there is a need for family counseling, we also hold sessions with the patient’s family and friends. This is necessary so that they know what the patient is undergoing and how everybody can help in helping him to move forward easily to a sober life.

Throughout this process, the patient needs to be honest and dedicated. Sometimes, it takes a while for the program, depending on conditions and depending on the dedication of the patient. Normally the program lasts for 3 months until the patient is ready to move forward to a sober life without the dependence on medications. Here at Doctor Paul’ we can help you in transitioning to a more secure life. Contact us and we can offer advice on the proper treatment fit for your budget. We aim to help you out along the way.