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Unlike other rehabilitation centers out there, Dr Paul is dedicated to providing affordable alcohol rehab for those who desire to go back to sober life. We offer a mind, body and soul experience here at Dr Paul and you will fall in love with our idyllic location at Palm Springs. We offer a fantastic venue for patients who desire the recover. This is a perfect place to start putting back together the pieces of your life again. What we offer at Doctor Paul is affordable in patient and outpatient programs depending on your condition and your budget. We are sure you will discover the right program dedicated for your needs.

You can contact us to know if your insurance can cover the inpatient program. The inpatient program is designed from 3 months onwards and is designed to have 24/7 help and support while recovering from drug abuse. The patient stays on fully furnished apartments that are designed to offer a comfortable experience while taking part of the program. Depending on the levels of toxicity to alcohol and the extent of alcohol abuse, the patient can undergo a detox program to clinically remove the toxins from the body while making sure that the patient can deal with the withdrawal syndrome.

Dr Paul also offers outpatient services. The outpatient service is a lot more affordable than the inpatient since the individual can reside home and even continue working. Of course, the downside is that they are more prone to temptations since they can easily go to stores or bars or even at home and get a drink. Both programs require dedication, passion and the desire to live a sober life. We have the tools and we try to guide the patient in making the right decisions. We desire to help the patients in recovering and living a more sober life but commitment is part of the patient’s end of the bargain.

You can contact us if you wish to know if your insurance can cover our programs. We can also direct you to a number of other rehabilitation facilities that can be more convenient for your particular budget. Some are even available for free depending on conditions. Our aim here at Dr Paul’s is to provide a secure and healthy environment and we also aim to provide the most amazing service possible. Talk to us and learn how we can be of service to you or a loved one with alcohol addiction. We are here because we care.