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Welcome to Palm Springs Recovery. It would be our pleasure to share to you the highlights of what you can expect from our idyllic location here in Palm Springs. Our environment has been planned and designed to harbor peace, comfort and serenity. Known for its impeccable beauty, it is a perfect venue for healing, and to rebuild the pieces of our selves, be renewed and replenished.

Dr Paul’s is renowned throughout for its exceptional team and a thoroughly designed program. We offer traditional and nontraditional modes of  training. We offer you chance to heal and to experience clarity of mind and recognize what really matters in your life. We can offer a life changing experience that you or a loved one will want to take part of if they decided to make a decision and embrace a new leap of faith.

Often times, we are so afraid of change. We feel that what we have been used to doing is what will make us comfortable. However, we need to take that fear and with love and support transform it to hope. Life is unpredictable but with hope, we know we have a direction to go. That is what Dr Paul desires to offer those who have lost their way due to drugs and alcohol. We all have that chance in life but we need to take that leap of faith. We can help you with that.

Our area at Palm Springs is a paradise that offers healing. It is a safeguarded place where you can renew your faith to a higher being and even to yourself. We extend our love and support to you as we go overthe process.

At Dr Paul’s we offer the most intuitive clinical services for the individual as well as the families. Individuals who have experienced addiction can start renewing their bonds and families can get a new start with life, regain their hope and become more understanding and supportive. We address mental and physical effects of addition and we also heal in a holistic way, with the mind body and spirit. We offer a multidisciplinary program that is inspiring, engaging and unique from the rest. We make sure that our programs from nutrition to after care are addressed specifically to your needs. If you desire healing, Dr Paul can help you get started with the journey. You are never alone. We can help you along the way. Open your heart and start healing.